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They will ship as soon as they become available. Both the World Championships DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are scheduled to ship by November 15.

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Yes, you can upgrade directly when logged in. You pay only the difference in pricing.

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Fan Network Live and Live+ subscribers do not have to purchase a separate Pay-Per-View to watch live events. All live events are included in your subscription.

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All subscriptions expire in late May, 2015.

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Shows indicated as 'Live' on the schedule to the right. The broadcast schedule is a best-effort, and are subject to change.

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June 18 - Ben Davis:
June 21 - Stanford:
June 21 - Akron:
June 27 - Muncie:
June 38 - Glendora:
June 29 - Lawrence:
July 5 - Michigan City:
July 5 - Lynn:
June 30 - Walnut:
July 8 - Ft. Wayne:
July 12 - Denver:
July 12 - La Crosse:
July 14 - Warrensburg:
July 19 - San Antonio:
July 25 - Nashville:
July 26 - Atlanta:
August 1 - Allentown:
August 2 - Allentown:
August 4 - Michigan City:
August 5 - Michigan City:
August 7 - Prelims (until Cinecast):
August 8 - Semifinals:
August 9 - Finals:(disc purchasers only)