The Fan Network is currently being refreshed for reintroduction later this year. A combination of factors including ensuring complete and appropriate copyright compliance as well as the desire for vastly upgraded technological capabilities has necessitated a temporary suspension of this service.However, you can still follow your favorite corps this summer from your home computer or mobile device through our live streaming service DCI Live!. New DCI Live! subscriptions can be ordered online through DCI.org and the complete 2015 DCI Live! streaming schedule is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions about DCI Live! can be found here. Thank you for your patience. As technology and content delivery options continue to evolve, Drum Corps International will continue to do its part to responsibly and thoroughly understand and protect the intellectual property rights of copyright holders. Working diligently with the organizations which comprise the DCI collective, DCI will support their continued pursuit and achievement of standard setting, creative, and innovative performances while working to share these performances with the largest possible worldwide audience.